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I created this site to help more people understand more of what they read.

For ten years, I’ve been teaching English to people who need to work very hard to understand what they read.

My students are interesting, perceptive people who understand (for example) what pollution is, but they don’t understand what chronic, pervasive atmospheric toxicity means.

Dictionaries don’t help my students much, because dictionaries define toxicity as the quality of being toxic. They define pervasive as the tendency to permeate.

This sort of thing frustrates people who work hard to understand what they read, so they don’t look up what words mean. They’re not lazy. In fact, they’re efficient: they don’t waste their time doing something that doesn’t help them. How many times would you flip a switch if it never turned on a light?

So, I created this site to give everyone a different way to learn words. It takes away the insurmountably abstruse terms that impede orthographically semiotic recognition hard words and replaces them with a cognitively facilitative lexicon easy words, keeping as much of the original meaning as possible.

The site gently introduces people to new words, teaches them what they mean, and gives them the power to change the way the site works to fit their learning style.

By creating this site, I’m trying to break the nonreader cycle.

This site makes reading less scary, making it more likely that people will read more.

I’m a public school teacher, and I pay for this site’s operation out of my own pocket. (Note: it’s not cheap.) Please help me out by using it only for your own personal use or for that of your students.

I created this site to help with reading and writing. I wrote a great thriller, and I also wrote a book about what it’s like to be a teacher.

Hoping you read more,

Neil M. Goldman

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